I face my days not knowing what
the next minute holds. I absorb every
second, knowing that I’ll never have it again.

I live passionately, on purpose, leaving
nothing to chance.

And all the while, finally
having time to pursue the deep desires of
my heart; which I am sure over time you
will discover them through my blog.

Coming Soon….
Overplanning Busyness
Life Lessons
The Great Debate…Organizing our Food


I wrote this post back in July. A lot has happened since then…however this is a prelude to whats to come, so I thought it was important to still share.

Sometimes our lives continue on quite a consistent pathway.

Other times, this isn’t so.

It seems the past 6 months or so, life has taken different turns than expected. Have you ever felt like things were changing too fast for you to keep up with? By now many of you know that I like consistency (nothing that I have been on here in the last few months, and for that I am sorry). For some time, the Lord has been nudging me to do something different. Kindof a heart pull. And I guess it really does have to do with the post I wrote about my word for the year, Nurture .

(Insert here…we found out we are expecting again! Baby number four is set to arrive at the end of September. We are thrilled! I have experienced a lot of morning sickness. Right up until three weeks ago, another reason for my absence.)

In March, my grandfather passed away. It’s been a long while (back in junior high school), since I’d had a close relative pass. I still remember the last time I saw him. My Nana had her iPad and we were talking over Skype. My kids got to see him there in the hospital where he had been for just a few days. I was so glad that they got to make him smile that day. He passed away two days later. Unfortunately we never got to tell him we were expecting Great Grand Kiddo #4, but I know he knows since he’s up in heaven now. That was a parenthood journey for me. Lil’ A is at the point where she understands so much of what’s going on (we have to spell things out now, and she isn’t far behind understanding that either!). We prayed every night for Grampy J. She’s prayed so earnestly for healing. When he passed, Lil’ A said, “He’s all better, our prayers are answered.” Yup, my smart child.

Sometime last year, I started studying Proverbs 31. The whole chapter, not just the end part. And it got me thinking about us as Mommas. In my studying, Proverbs 31 started to mean different things to me as a mom. I guess I saw it in a different light. So as you can tell from my blog header, I have changed my blogging-sphere to Proverbs 31 Momma. It’s also a .com , something I always thought would be cool to own…that’s my nerdy side talking:) Anyway….

Our world is changing. Our skills as mommas have to change. We won’t be able to parent like our parents did. We have to be stronger, smarter, wiser. The heart pull I’ve been having recently started with this verse:



(You can find this print here:https://www.etsy.com/listing/188024325/proverbs-31-woman-print-she-is-clothed)

This is Proverbs 31:25. Out of this verse, the Lord dropped this site into my heart.

So today, I’m starting. I’m returning to blogging. It’s been a long year without it really. I think I may have 3 posts for the whole year…if that. But I learned so much about Grace and Faith and Trust this year, and I needed that. I feel more alive Spiritually, and I really feel it is because I held onto some key principles.

Later this week, I hope to share my word(s) of the year!

It’s so good to be back!

















Coming Soon….

Oh boy…has it been a long time…..

Blogging has always been one of those things that helps me think more clearly. It helps me be more creative, and grow in areas of my life that need it the most. (Or the least as the Mister says when it comes to crafting….it’s not like crafting is a need…. )

Where to begin…..

January. We found out we were expecting baby #4. We never thought about a Number Four. Well, not really anyway. I, for one, always thought four would be great. After all, there was only ever me and my brother, so I liked the idea of there being a large family around one day in the future. (Although you could argue that I did more things with just me and my brother than my friends did with their big families growing up, but that’s not the point.)

So the first few months of the year were spent adjusting to that, while Baby M became Lil’ M and started running around. We missed walking entirely it feels like.

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Overplanning Busyness

Sometimes I find myself getting frustrated because I look around and see all my other friends being super planned. Meal plans, craft plans, activity plans for their kids, etc. I am a home-body. I love being at home. While I get the travel itch at times, it isn’t the travel to gymnastics, then a play date, then groceries, then home. I know why people think they are too busy. They have too many things planned for their days-in my opinion.

Here’s some background on this…

I was a teacher before becoming momma. I planned my weeks down to the detail. Towards the end of my short career, I had most of the details in my head because I’d done them so much, but I still had them planned.

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Life Lessons

Just when you think you are done learning, another lesson begins. You never see them coming. Those big, a-ha moments where you have the option to let your world cave in, or when you have the chance to fall into Grace. God’s grace. His unmeritted favour.

Grace. Oh how I need Grace. We all do. Daily. The trusting God that He has made you fearfully and wonderfully with His own hand. (Ps. 139:14). Isaiah 58:11 (ESV) says, “The Lord will guide you continually…”  Don’t you just love that? Continually means “without interruption, constantly.”

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The Great Debate…Organizing our Food

Disclaimer: In no way am I a professional in the area of health care, nor in the area of what is best to force a child to eat and what battles to leave be. As always, positive comments are always welcome. Build up, not tear down, y’all!

In our house, we have five different types of eaters. And yes, there are five members in my adorable family :) The Mister; he eats anything I make, even back in the day when I didn’t follow any, I mean, ANY recipe. He would just nicely tell me never to make that again…after he asked what recipe I used. Lil’ A; she fluctuates. Right now she is eating whatever I make as well as making good choices with her snacks. I have her teacher at Pre-K to thank for helping me in that area. Lil’ E is my strong-willed child…and that also means in the food area. Right now she is thriving on milk and PB and J. I’m just thankful it isn’t cheese or something of that nature that should be controlled for health sake.

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