Where are we?

It’s surprising how fast the days go by! I love my girls so much and I know that I won’t get these days back. So while I long to be in my studio crafting, drafting, writing & sewing, I know they are more important. And they are why I have nap time, when I can craft to my heart’s delight ( after cleaning that is!).


I’ve felt bad for not getting to my writing here very often. But for the reasons I’ve already said, I have to be ok with it. I really can’t have that stress and pressure in my daily life. So I am going to post things when I have the time for now. I am sure it will change to a priority, especially once lil’ E sleeps the night more consistently ( last night was the first all night in a while).


I love photography. Last year I did “project life”. A organized approach to scrapbooking. So while I won’t be writing daily, thanks to my handy iPhone, I will focus on posting more photos and a weekly post such as a tutorial or a “how to” post. I am working on a post about birthday planning (since we have two kiddos celebrating in the next 2 months). Hope you enjoy this peak into our world!







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