It’s one of those days….

One of those days, eh? Seriously I have no will power to do much else this afternoon than sit and scroll through Pinterest. I did however bike on the stationary bike for 25 minutes…so I feel that I can give myself a bit of time to “window shop”.

I have 2,499 pins! That’s crazy! Don’t even ask how many pins I’ve actually done myself….maybe 2% of that. But hey, at least I have a lot of inspiration!

I do always wonder if people still use google! I actually will go to Pinterest and search for a tutorial first, before I go to google. Maybe Google actually owns Pinterest…and this is a way for them to get the women-we are such shoppers and like to look at pretty things or new ideas to make life easier. (And I know, this might not be fact…probably isn’t, so please don’t judge me.)

I missed doing my Pinterest Fridays! So today, I am going to post my favourite things for lil’ boys! Lil’ A and Lil’ E have quite a few little boys in their circle of friends, so I always need some inspiration. And we can’t forget my adorable new nephew Lil’ O! I’ve already sewn some for him, and I can’t wait to see him flying around with my girls wearing a superhero cape (and probably a tutu…sorry C!)

Here we go!



Source: via Krystle on Pinterest

I have whipped up a few bow ties. Some of them looked more like little girl hair bows, so that’s where they will be! But I think picking the right fabric can be key. I have made them from felt all with a glue gun, but they didn’t stay on as well. I think that’s because of how much glue I used.

Post some of your boy projects on our Facebook page! Or contact us on the homepage with them and I will post them here!

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