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So, as most of you know, I am pregnant. And just this afternoon while doing some digital photo organization (isn’t that just plain annoying when you just don’t keep up on it?), I got a sweet craving….which isn’t good because I have been doing quite well keeping my cravings under control. Well…after tonight, that might not be so.

I’ve found 4 recipes I am thinking I just need to try!




I did make Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting today. And they were yummy….I do need to try this recipe though as I have half a carton of buttermilk.


I’ve had quite the sweet tooth the past few days…I really need to take care of that so that I don’t keep dreaming about all these sweets every night!

I haven’t tried these specific recipes, but I have tried one for the cookie dough dip. And it was delicious. I used a recipe with chick peas. I know, they don’t sound very good as cookie dough dip, but really my girlfriend’s couldn’t tell the difference.

Here’s the recipe:




Give it a try! I think this would make a great fall comfort food!


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