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I have a confession….I sometimes browse Pinterest too much! Who else is with me?! I will say that I have found a lot of great ideas on there. From outfits using clothes I already own in my closet, to craft projects with the kiddos to pinning ideas for baby.

Today, I am going to share with you some ideas I used in creating Baby’s nursery (and some things that I think are just really great to have-like baby books:) As soon as the painting is done, I will be posting pictures of how Baby 3′s new nursery turned out. I figured this lil’ one won’t get too many special things in the area of new clothes and toys, so why not spend just a little and change things up a bit. Be watching for that in a few weeks.

Here’s what I’ve been swooning over on Pinterest!


Source: via Krystle on Pinterest


I like the idea of having a binder for baby’s keepsakes. I had one for Lil’ A from my mom and really liked it. I like this one because it has a bit more detail and is handmade. There are some great additions in their Etsy store too!


If I need something to keep me busy so I don’t get stir-crazy, I will sit and make some of these cuties. Adorable right?


Lil’ E is a soother girl. Still under 2, I do let her have it almost all the time. I whipped up some soother clips similar to these for her and her future lil’ sister because the ones we’ve had are getting lost. Those suspender clips do wear out eventually!


I made this soup to freeze for when Baby arrives. And the smell overtook our house, so we had some that night. I still have potatoes left in the garage, and I think I may just make up the rest of them in this. So delicious!

Source: via Krystle on Pinterest


I have gone neutral for my Christmas decorations this year. I haven’t changed things up for a bit, so why not do it right before you have a third baby, right? I know, my friends think I’m crazy too! Since I can’t do a lot of picking up and bending right now, I find it comfortable at my sewing machine. Seriously-it’s helped me relax! I know, I should be doing something more useful…..remember, I made that soup? :)


This is my crafting project with Lil’ A this week. I bought some paper mache cones on sale yesterday at Michael’s and I have so much muslin left over from a skirt that is already gathered up. I do let her use the low temperature glue gun with me. So I am looking forward to doing something for our christmas together before I feel too big or am too tired to craft along with her. We usually craft together in my office in the mornings during Lil’ E’s nap. I am hoping we can continue doing something together during that time even when baby arrives.


Too cute right? Now Baby just needs a stocking…wait…I think I have one..or maybe I need to sew some of these:


Or these:


Hoping to get these up out front of my door this weekend. We have a backyard full of cedar that I plan on using instead of the red glitter….but I do plan on adding some glitter:) The Mister loves glitter!


I was a Christian School teacher for years and I can’t believe that I never thought of doing this instead! I was always trying to come up with a cute way (& easy) way for each child to take home a nativity. I did a few neat ones, but this is much better than anything I ever did!

Well, I could keep going…as I know a few other people could. These are all things that I do plan on doing. So when my Christmas decorating is done, I will post some photos and you can see how things turned out. And I hope you find some inspiration through here too!


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